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Life WILL Test You.
Here’s Your Action Plan…

Whether you’re striving for the perfect relationship, excelling in your dream job, or even making small decisions in life…

You’ll still come face to face with many ‘what ifs’…

Each influencing your choices.

But with resilience, you can turn those ‘what ifs’ into unwavering confidence.

Join Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim to learn how to build resilience and unshakeable confidence with the Quran inside

Under Siege – A Muslim’s Guide to Crises and Adversity

It’s time to stop letting ‘what ifs’ control your life.

August 31

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Stand Confidently
in Your Muslim Identity

Even the smallest fears can overwhelm us…

  • Should I wear my hijab in public?
  • What if my Muslim name affects my hiring chances?
  • What if I hide my religious beliefs at work?

In a world that often antagonizes Islam…

Standing firm in your faith is essential.

Learn how to embrace your Muslim identity with pride and confidence.

This course will empower you to confront Islamophobia with dignity and resilience so you can live unapologetically.

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When Life Seems Perfect,
Is It Really?

A stress-free, smooth life might seem perfect….

But what if it’s Ghaflah?

Even blessings like family and success can become trials if they lead us away from our true purpose.

Recognize the hidden tests in comfort and learn to overcome Ghaflah in “Under Siege.”

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Your Faith-Rooted,
Practical, and Powerful Solution

Combining Islamic wisdom with practical life skills, this course provides a holistic approach to:

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  • Transform ‘what ifs’ into unwavering confidence.
  • Turn your daily struggles into opportunities for growth and strength with the power of Islamic teachings.
  • Strengthen your connection with Allah and find inner peace, even in the toughest times.
  • Build unshakeable resilience by equipping yourself with the mental and spiritual strength to face any challenge.
  • Discover actionable strategies to manage stress, trauma, and fear.
  • Empower your identity by standing proud and unapologetic in your Muslim identity.

Meet Your Instructor:
Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim is a respected expert in Islamic spirituality and the Qur’an.

Passionate about addressing important social issues such as domestic violence and mental health, he has been honored with the West Australian Multicultural Community Service Award.

Join him on a journey of spiritual growth and resilience.

Attend In-Person


August 31

10AM - 7PM

University of Queensland

St Lucia QLD 4067
(Hall TBC)


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