Share In The Reward Of Educating One Million Students Across The Globe.

Share In The Reward Of Educating One Million Students Across The Globe.

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What an amazing testimony by the prophet for the people of knowledge.

Knowledge is powerful, and it is protected by those who carry it in every generation.

For twenty years, the AlMaghrib family has been blessed to be the largest community of knowledge seekers in the western world.

And by supporting AlMaghrib you can be part of the community carrying knowledge to the next generation.

When Sh Muhammad Alshareef, rahimahullah, graduated from the University of Medinah, he did not want to simply come back and teach Islam to his community…His goal was much bigger than that, he wanted to change the way Islam was taught in every community.

So he founded AlMaghrib.

20 years, more than 2000 classes, 40 cities, 15 million + online views later,

AlMaghrib has revolutionized Islamic education in the western world,

And while our beloved founder may have returned to his Lord, 

His vision for Islamic education continues,

In 20 years of AlMaghrib, Alhamdulillah, we’ve reached over 200,000 students worldwide,

And with your support, we aim to take that to 1 Million Students in the next 20 years, in sha Allah.

Want to share in that reward?

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AlMaghrib has never been about just short eman-boosters you forget about the next day,

Since the beginning, we’ve aimed to enable the talent in our ummah to flourish,

And our own instructors are a testimony to that,

Before becoming our Director of Academic Affairs, Shaykh Suleiman Hani was a dedicated AlMaghrib student, so dedicated that one of his own personal passion projects became an actual seminar: Final Destination.

Before teaching his celebrated classes on the names of Allah and khushu in the prayer, Shaykh Ammar AlShukry was a lead volunteer on the ground, eventually taken under the wing AlMaghrib’s shuyukh and growing into a community leader in his own right.

After leaving behind his punk rock phase and before flying over to Madinah, Shaykh Saad Tasleem found his grounding at AlMaghrib.

Before becoming a licensed mental health professional with a focus on Islamic psychology, Ustadha Sarah Sultan was active in the AlMaghrib student scene.

AlMaghrib allowed for some of its most passionate students and volunteers to pursue a robust Islamic education whilst balancing their secular studies and work, and it’s why Dr Farhan Abdul Azeez and Sh Majed Mahmoud are still able to deliver classes and lead Umrah groups whilst managing their demanding day jobs,

And this isn’t to mention the countless other commitments in their local communities.

All is possible with Allah’s permission, and the donations that have driven this institute.

Your support will help produce the leaders and teachers of tomorrow.

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“Islam deserves better” was Shaykh Muhammad’s motto (rahimahullah).

We live in a time and place in the ummah’s history that is the result of  Islamic knowledge not being valued as it should be. 

For the past century, the best and brightest dedicated their lives to other career paths, other sciences,

Meanwhile Islamic studies was put through a vicious cycle of uninspired and outdated curriculums, teaching books and subjects of little relevance to the lives of Muslims today.

But Islam deserves better.

Whereas before it was always a zero sum game, you either studied overseas, or you had no access to knowledge.

AlMaghrib was designed to provide the highest quality Islamic education to the family.

The busy father, the busier mother, young professionals, college students, and now even children.

These students will be tomorrow’s teachers, organizers, and community leaders, creating a ripple effect throughout the ummah that will in sha Allah bring more people to the correct understanding of the Quran and sunnah.

And AlMaghrib’s mission is ensuring that authentic knowledge is accessible to them through multiple learning platforms, wherever they are in the world, and whichever stage they are in life.

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AlMaghrib Studios is up and running. With our first big blockbuster course released in January of 2023.

The Fiqh of Salah by Shaykh Abu Eesa took teaching fiqh to new heights (literally) as a camera crew followed him out of the classroom into the real world scenarios that we encounter every day of praying on planes, in hospitals beds, and public settings of all kinds.

Lectures and courses where the shaykh is sitting at a desk for 10 hours talking with one camera angle is so 2020.

And more is coming down the pipeline for this year…

  • The Names of Allah 
  • The 40 hadith of Imam Al-Nawawi 
  • God, Atheism, and the Pursuit of Truth 
  • Tafseer Juz ‘Amma 
  • The Fiqh of Children 
  • A dedicated pre-marital course
  • Quranic Shift: a two-day virtual recitation bootcamp
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We sent our instructors to a city near you.

When they couldn’t come to you physically, they still came to you online.

AlMaghrib has always been committed to providing you with authentic Islamic knowledge when you need it, where you need it.

For over a decade the requests came in at our AlMaghrib seminars.

Can you teach us how to read Quran? And the answer was no… until we were able to.

Then, Quran Revolution was born. In the past eight years, thousands of students have learned more tajweed in a four month semester, then they had learned in years of their lives.

You loved AlMaghrib’s approach to Islamic education.

You wanted the same creativity and relevance for your children. We listened, and launched ilmSpring in January of 2022,

Since then, 5,000 children have attended full courses on the Miracle of the Quran and the Secrets of Salah, with more coming in 2023.

Last year, when thousands of Muslims were left at hajj without any religious guidance, we sprung into action.

AlMaghrib launched the free Hajj hotline, giving all pilgrims direct 24 hour access to ask their questions and be answered by AlMaghrib instructors within 10 minutes.

Over 3,000 questions were answered!

When those hujjaj were raising their hands on Arafah and making du’a for AlMaghrib, they were making du’a for you as well.

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From its first seminar in 2002 of 30 students to this…

Today in our 20th year, we are at over 220 000 students and 2121 events

And, in sha Allah, the future is looking even brighter.

You see in our first twenty years, we were limited by cities that we could travel to and establish onsite seminars in.

And over those 20 years we operated in around 40 cities world wide.

In the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia

But now?

With AlMaghrib Online, we’re reaching students of knowledge everywhere. Karachi, Delhi, Lagos, Sydney, Cairo, Jakarta, and beyond.

Empowering the future leaders of our Ummah.

Your support will create change in places that you never imagined.

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