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Enjoy Stories of Revelation in The Quran, Everyday!

Imagine an event in your life, big or small, was considered so important that Allah responded to it in the Quran.

When you dive into the seerah you find so many examples and instances in the lives of the Sahabah made timeless because of this,

Where verses, passages, entire chapters were revealed responding to them; their questions, worries, personal concerns,

And by understanding the context behind those passages, you gain a whole new connection with the Quran itself.

Join the AlMaghrib family this Ramadan as we explore 30 incredible stories of revelation,

Answering the question of why certain parts of the Quran were revealed, and deriving deeper lessons from their revelation in the process.

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JazakumAllah khair to all those who helped facilitate Ramadan360! This was one of my favorite groups to join, and the only group I actually interacted with. My favorite part of this group was seeing how large, yet tight-knit the AlMaghrib family is. From seeing the lighthearted side of the shuyookh, to learning about the wonderful talents of the group, to seeing beautiful pictures of everyone’s cities, to seeing Shaykh Navaid Aziz and Shaykh Ammar AlShukry continuously interact with the group. During AlMaghrib seminars, we don’t get to spend too much time with the instructors outside of them teaching, so it was nice to experience more of that personal interaction.

Watch 30 Inspirational Stories
With Sh Suleiman Hani

You know it’s a miracle from Allah, you know there is no other book like it, And you know that in it are the answers to your deepest questions, But how can you love it the way the salaf did?

The way we see our elders honor it, not even going a day without opening it?

In Love With The Quran is a free video series exploring the theme of fostering a life-long relationship with the book of Allah.

With 30 episodes of inspirational stories and timeless lesson exploring the blessings of the Quran and its people, this series takes you on a journey towards a deeper emotional,intellectual, and spiritual connection with the final revelation.

Tune in on YouTube to start the journey

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This Ramadan,
Learn All The Essetials

One space that has everything a Muslim needs to know about their religion.

In less than a year, you can explore every subject in BeliefInteractionWorship, and Identity covering your entire faith in concise modules designed to cover the essentials. only the essentials.


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These sessions start at 4am, right after the suhoor in my place. starting my day with this topic and reflections is so amazing. i feel so motivated . jzk for all the committee and the participants 👏”
-Rika from Indonesia

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Quran Challenge

For a decade I used to dash into a town and have my own race to get people through their obstacles in reading and reciting Quran.

Students consistently told me how transformative and life-changing the 10-day experience was, how it inspired them, and how they now looked at the Quran in a way they never did before.

Now for the second time, Quran Revolution is bringing you a 10 day Quran challenge online for you.


I’ll be sharing a decade’s worth of experience in 10 days.

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