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How Prepared Are You
For The Ultimate Reckoning?

People obsess over the signs of the end times…

The Mahdi, The Messiah, Dajjal…

But are you paying attention to where those signs point to?

How ready are you to receive that book of deeds?

And to face the first day of your forever?

How will that day unfold? Let’s explore it together…


The Resurrection, Judgement and Facing Allah


You Know It's coming,
But How Does It Play Out?

One of the pillars of faith in Islam that has been mentioned in the Quran over and over again is believing in the Day of Judgment.

The Makki surahs are rich with guidance and teachings about the Day of Judgment. Allah talked about the Day of Reckoning long before establishing any rules.

Why do you think Allah revealed The Quran in this order?

So you could prepare for the unseen world, the one that starts when this worldly life ends.

That’s because to increase your chances of being among those who will be wrapped in Allah’s mercy and shelter that day, you need to prepare for it. And to prepare for it, you need a deep understanding of the Day of Judgment.

What series of events takes place after death?
How will the judgment take place and the aftermath be?
How can you pass the obstacles and stages that day?


How Prepared Are You?

In the fierce heat of the scorching sun towering over people, some deeds and qualities will act as saviors for you.

The Day of Judgment will not be a pleasant sight to behold for believers and disbelievers alike. When every person will abandon their most loved ones, parents, children, and spouses…

Concerned only about their own fate, trembling with fear, and drowned in the horrors of judgment, some acts invested by the believers will bring peace and security despite the catastrophic nature of events that day.

These acts are the investments that will veil the believer’s sins and shower him with the unconditional forgiveness of Allah.

Find out which acts will become the ultimate investments for your eternal life in Enter Eternity.


What Will Summoned Teach You?

This course guides you through the journey from the moment of death to the series of events in the hereafter.

Get insights on major events mentioned in the Quran and Hadith and theological answers to questions surrounding the hereafter.

  • Contrasting the Experience of Death for Believers and Disbelievers.
  • Insights into the Grave: What Happens Beyond.
  • The Dawn of the End: World’s Conclusion and the Beginning of Judgment.
  • The Grand Assembly: When All Creations Shall Gather.
  • Assessing Deeds and Unfolding Scrolls: Weighing and Recording.
  • Seeking Intercession: A Ray of Hope in Judgment.
  • The Consequences: What Follows Judgment.
  • The Events at the Pool: Al Hawd.
  • Crossing the Bridge Over Jahannam: As Sirat.
  • The Final Destiny of the Hypocrites, Disbelievers, and Believers
  • Crossing the Bridge to Eternity: Al-Qantarah
  • The Slaughter of Death & Announcement of Eternal Life
  • Jannah & Jahannam

Who is Dr Waleed Basyouni?

President of AlMaghrib Institute. Senior Scholar. Head of Islamic Theology and Ethics Department.

Masters in Islamic Theology, World Religions, and Modern Religious Sects, PhD in Theology.

Shaykh Waleed is one of our senior-most instructors in knowledge and experience, and with his extensive background in Islamic creed, he’s sure to paint a clear and vivid picture of the most important day of our existence, and how to prepare for it.

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