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Finding Light
Within The Shadows

In one evening, discover the keys to finding peace in the face of even the greatest trials

Join Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed for “The Heart’s Revival: Healing our relationships with Allah, with people, and ourselves,” a 5 city tour coming to the US this Summer!

Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Milwaukee, and Chicago

This evening class is all about reigniting your relationship with Allah, with people, and with yourself by understanding the wisdom behind our pain.

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Finding Solace
in Allah’s Love

The Prophet ﷺ told us:

“When Allah wills good for someone, He afflicts him with trials”
[Sahih al Bukhari]

That is one of the most difficult truths for us to internalize.

Many people go through life trying to avoid or hide their pain.

This class teaches you how to embrace and overcome it!

“The Heart’s Revival” is all about navigating through the pain and confusion of trials with the reassurance of Allah’s mercy.

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Revival Begins
In The Heart

Our hearts, bombarded by desires and social pressures, can lose sight of their true purpose.

“The Heart’s Revival” explores this inner battleground, offering insights into freeing and reviving our spiritual core.

In this evening of renewal you will discover…

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  • The wisdom behind trials in life
  • How to identify and avoid unhealthy attachments
  • How to attain true love
  • Understanding and deciphering what controls the state of our heart
  • Being aware of the impact external factors have on us
  • Ways to mend your relationship with Allah, and with people
  • Understanding the concept of the self
  • Being aware of our needs, and understanding the concept of nurturing our hearts
  • Finding ways to heal what is broken

Meet Your Instructor:
Ust. Yasmin Mogahed

An accomplished author of three books dealing with matters of the heart, and a motivational speaker who has inspired thousands across the world. Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed is known for her gift of captivating an entire audience with her thoughts and insightful reflections. She combines her background in psychology with her community-facing experience as a youth coordinator, bringing a relatability that exudes through her talks.