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Quran Quest

  • Is memorization too hard for your kids?
  • Are they struggling to retain memorized verses?
  • Does your child lack motivation when it comes to memorizing the Quran?

The journey of Hifdh can be challenging for both the parents and their kids…

However, with the right support and environment, it can transform into an enjoyable experience!

If you want your child to not only memorize the Quran but also develop a deep understanding and love for the sacred text, then Quran Quest is what your kid needs!

Crafted for kids aged 8-14, Quran Quest, equips your children with effective memorization and retention techniques tailored to their age group making them fall in love with the Quran.

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Hifdh Is More Than Just Memorization…
It’s A Direct Connection With The Divine Book.

A journey of growth and self-discovery…

Nurturing the soul with every word memorized.

And Quran Quest focuses precisely on that.

It’s about nurturing your child’s soul, guiding them towards spiritual enlightenment, and fostering a profound love for the Quran

Our engaging approach ensures that learning becomes a joyful journey for your kid so they can foster a lifelong connection with the Quran.

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Why Kids
Aged 8-14

During these formative years, children possess a remarkable ability to absorb information, making it an optimal time for Quranic memorization.

By starting Hifdh at this stage, your child not only benefits from enhanced cognitive abilities but also establishes a strong spiritual foundation that will serve them throughout their lives.

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Meet The Instructor
Maryam Masud

Introducing Hafidha Maryam Masud, a remarkable Hafidha of the Quran who achieved this milestone at just 9 years old.

Maryam is also a teacher, speaker, and host of the popular kids’ program “Quran With Maryam” on her social media platforms [YouTube, Facebook, Instagram] totaling more than 5 million followers.

She has inspired Muslims worldwide with her beautiful recitation and deep understanding of her religion.

In a world where balancing religious commitment with worldly pursuits can be challenging, Maryam exemplifies grace and dedication.

Despite her young age, Maryam has already left an indelible mark in the world of Quranic education.

Here’s What Your Child
Will Experience in Quran Quest!

  • Clear guidance on beginning the Hifdh journey, from understanding the basics to practical steps for memorization.
  • Practical exercises to help children grasp Tajweed concepts easily and apply them in their recitation.
  • Practical revision strategies whilst continuing your memorization journey
  • Increased love and passion for the Quran.
  • Emphasis on understanding the meanings of verses to facilitate memorization and enhance comprehension.
  • Spiritual Growth and Love of Allah
  • Understanding the immense rewards and blessings promised for those who memorize and act upon the Quran.
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And Here’s What You Get
By Enrolling Your Kid Into Quran Quest

  • Sadqa-e-Jariyah for your efforts in nurturing righteous Muslims.
  • Spiritual fulfillment and gratitude for supporting your kid’s Quranic journey.
  • Abundant rewards when your child learns the Quran and then teaches it to others.
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Attend In-Person


Aug 24 & 25

12PM - 2PM


4700 14th St, Plano,
TX 75074


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