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They thought they could get away with it,

As if they’d live forever … until their world vanished. Allah made them an example for all of us to pay heed … But do we?

Join Shaykh Majed Mahmoud for
Perished Nations

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Their World Was Destroyed…
Don’t Follow Them!

Imagine the world you know today was wiped away in an instant,

Not a trace remaining, nobody left to remember you,

But Allah decided to preserve it… not to honor that memory, but as a warning sign.

The Quran gives us clear glimpses into the stories of lost and perished nations,

The evils that led to their downfall, and how they relate to us throughout time.

Join Shaykh Majed Mahmoud as he revisits these ancient nations, the prophets and miracles around them, and the stark warning Allah gives in their examples:

Perished Nations- a Full Day Quranic Epic

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This class was incredible and what made it so was Sh Majed and his pleasant way of delivering the information, filled with stories and real life examples. His style is unique masha Allah and I hope he comes back to teach more classes insha Allah. I’ve been an AlMaghrib student since 2003 alhamdulillah so I’ve experienced many different classes with various instructors but Sh Majed is hands down one of the most sincere ones and you can tell he is a man of God!


This is an excellent class to take to learn more about the perished nations of Prophet Hud, Saleh, and Shuaib (AS). Shaykh Majid is an excellent instructor, and keeps you engaged the whole class with his funny stories and ability to connect with his students.


Shaykh Majed kept class very engaging and the pacing was great! The way he structured the class made it easy to understand and follow along. We had the opportunity to collaborate with the people next to us and hear from the reflections of people in class. Overall he is an amazing speaker and keeps class lighthearted, engaging, and fun.

Safiyyah Ghori

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned so much. I had never thought very deeply about Prophets Hud, Saleh, and Shuaib except as examples of prophets whose people had been punished by Allah (swt), but this class gave me a much more detailed and nuanced view of them and the sins and consequences their people faced as well as the prophets' own patience and preseverance witht heir people.


I am really glad I came. I loved the instructors ability to make the audience connect with the material, and instill more love in our hearts for our deen. JazakAllah khair and may Allah provide you and your family with more blessings and noor.


The class was a beautiful topic. How doesn’t like the stories in the Quran! It would have been so great if the class was a whole weekend long (Sat and Sun) and then would could have possibly covered the story of Lut AS! But since it was only and one day class, we have covered an enormous amount of information during this time and just fed my soul Alhamdulillah. I wish there was another class sooner!

Taught by Shaykh Majed Mahmoud

Specialist in Tazkiyah and Adab. First AlMaghrib graduate to become Instructor. Leading activist in Da‘wah. Travels worldwide teaching Islam.

He has completed Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Jurisprudence & Legal Theory from Al-Madinah International University. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Windsor and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University.

Registration is Closed