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Feeling Distracted in your Salah?

Like the moment you lift your hands for the first takbir, you go straight into autopilot?
I hear you, and I’ve got something that might help.

Master Focus, Understand Meanings, and Enjoy Your Salah Like Never Before..


Your Salah is Your Greatest Tool

Allah describes the believers in the chapter of Al-Mu’minoon verses 1 and 2:

“Successful are the believers, those who are mindful in their prayers.”

And so the believers, after having faith, are first described with their prayers.

So we know immediately that our success is tied to our prayers.

It is a tool that will not only transform your hereafter, but the quality of your life now.

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Where the pain comes from…

We pray but don’t understand what we are saying.

We are told to be mindful but were never taught HOW to be mindful..

We haven’t INVESTED in both aspects of the communication of the prayer; knowing what Allah is saying when He is speaking to us, and mastering how to speak to Him in the prayer.

Far from the intimate conversation and connection it was designed to be, it’s become a robotic exercise.

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How much STRONGER would you be with a mindful salah?

When the prophet ﷺ was overwhelmed with something, he would rush to the prayer…not just to find solace but to find strength

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah TWICE , “And seek help in patience and prayer.” 

The prayer is not meant to be a burden on your checklist, it is made to LIFT your burdens.

It’s your superpower because you call on the All-Powerful. 

How much would your life change if your salah changed?

Transform Your
Salah Through…

Your Instructor

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry hails from Sudan via Queens New York. Dual Bachelors in Islamic Studies and Marketing. A Director at AlMaghrib and Imam at Clear Lake Islamic Center. He is the author of the poetry collection “What the Pen Wrote: The Collected Poems of Ammar AlShukry”.

After a successful launch of A Mindful Salah online, Shaykh Ammar is now ready to bring the course onsite and teach you in-person!

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June 28 - 30

FRI 7PM - 10PM
SAT & SUN 10AM - 7PM


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