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Imam Wisam

Specialist in teaching Quran recitation and retention. Leads QuranRevolution program. Taught more than 25,000 students worldwide. Bachelor’s in Arabic Grammar and Minor in Arabic Literature, Quran Academy. Studied under scholars in Makkah and Egypt. Ijazah in Ashara Qiraat. Founder and Director of AQL.

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Imam Wisam Sharieff leads the popular QuranRevolution program for AlMaghrib Institute, a revolutionary program helping students read, recite, reflect, and retain Quran. By designing contemporary and pioneering learning systems, Imam Wisam has helped his students revolutionize their interaction with Quran.

By traveling worldwide, Imam Wisam has had the unique opportunity to teach over 25,000 students globally, both in person and online. Driven by the single vision to bring the Book and Message of Allah to people around the world, Imam Wisam transformed the field of Tajwid and Recitation to easily digestible concepts for every man, woman, and child.

Imam Wisam began his Islamic education at the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) in Elgin, Illinois. He then continued at the Quran Academy in Lahore, Pakistan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic grammar and a minor in Arabic literature. He has studied under scholars in Makkah and in Egypt. Imam Wisam is also a certified radiology technician. He has also completed his ijazah in Ashara Qiraat (the study of the varying recitations of the Quran).

Imam Wisam resides in Dallas, TX with his family, while also running AQL (Advocating Quranic Literacy) as its founder and director.