Become The Greatest Of
Your Time By Learning From
The Greatest Of His Time...


Master Worship, Relationships and Self-Confidence from the life of Ibrahim (as)

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If You Want The
Best For Yourself, Follow The Best

Of all of the prophets to look up to, there is one who Allah specifically informed the prophet (S) and his ummah to follow. 

“Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Allah has declared the truth. So follow the Way of Abraham, the upright..”

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You’ve Heard The Story Before,
But Never Like This

Father was an idol maker, cast into a fire, ordered to sacrifice his son, called the people to hajj..we’re all aware of the big picture events..but what made Ibrahim so unique? What powered the sincerity of his worship? How did he balance challenging relationships? Where did he get the confidence to go against the grain of society, time and time again?

And most importantly, how can you do the same?

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Learn How...

  • Prioritize your life
  • Make better dua’s 
  • Strengthen your relationship with your children
  • Negotiate with those who disagree with you
  • Assess the correct method of changing the evil
  • Improve your understanding and concentration in salah
  • Know how to use your good deeds as an intercession to get out of a problem 
  • Always stay vigilant of your intentions especially during acts of worship
  • Minimize the difficulty of finding a righteous spouse
  • Increase the well being of your marriage

Shaykh Majed Mahmoud

Specialist in Tazkiyah and Adab. First AlMaghrib graduate to become Instructor. Leading activist in Da‘wah. Travels worldwide teaching Islam. Completed Bachelor’s in Islamic Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Al-Madinah International University. MBA Wayne State.