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HE IS Back..
With A Vengeance…

And his commitment to bring down everything you’ve built.
Are you going to let him win?


Study of Shaytan

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Study Shaytan So That
His Tricks Do Not Harm You...

When you study his tricks, you will recognize them everywhere.
In the post-Ramadan relapse of the people around you
Or in that shocking divorce that just took place in the community…
Or in the latest scandal rocking social media…
Or in you…

He is relentless.

Why Is It Crucial To Know Who Shaytan Is...

Because he is your enemy, and he is hell-bent on your destruction.

A comprehensive study of mankind’s greatest enemy, Shaytan, this class seeks to foil Shaytan’s ambushes by understanding his strategies. Clears misconceptions on and learn about:

  • The detailed history of Shaytan
  • How Shaytan came to his status
  • Shaytan’s helpers and the jinn
  • Shaytan’s abilities and physical description
  • The Psychology of Shaytan 
  • Shaytan’s Army: The Human and the Jinn
  • Cures against black magic, evil eye, whispers, etc.
  • The Methods of Deception used by Shaytan 
  • Ways to protect yourself and your family from Shaytan
  • Practical steps to subdue his influence

Saad Tasleem

Shaykh Saad Tasleem brings a detailed approach to the study of Shaytan, his attributes, trials, as well as sharing guidance from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

  • He has taught this course to thousands of students from around the world
  • Highly in tune with today’s youth struggles and pressures, while grounded with education in traditional Islamic Sciences
  • Dedicates his teaching to Muslim youth learning to balance their Western lifestyles with Islamic values