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Explore a Day with the
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Ever wonder what a day in the life of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ was like?

Well, get ready to find out in


The Prophet’s ﷺ Day Through 24 Hours

A 1-day seminar where we discover practical tips and timeless teachings that will empower you to live with purpose, productivity, and profound spirituality – just like the Prophet ﷺ.

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From Dawn Till Dusk:
A Day of Inspiration

Get ready for an incredible journey through five amazing timeslots, each offering wisdom and inspiration

  1. Early Morning with the Prophet ﷺ 
  2. Visiting and Spending Time with Family 
  3. The Prophet ﷺ Amongst the People 
  4. Afternoon with the Prophet ﷺ
  5. Evening Time with Rasulullah ﷺ

Are you ready for the experience?

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Discover the Prophet's ﷺ Guidance
For a Balanced and Meaningful Life

Join us as we uncover practical tips and timeless teachings that’ll transform your days.

Learn to balance responsibilities, deepen your love for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and infuse your life with purpose.

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Meet Your Instructor:
Shaykh Omar Hedroug

Shaykh Omar is a distinguished scholar with a rich educational background.

He graduated with top honors from the Islamic University of Madinah, where he studied Arabic language and Shariah.

Additionally, he attended classes at the Prophet’s Mosque, delving into various Islamic sciences.

Now, Shaykh Omar is here to share his expertise and guide you on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Get ready to learn from an expert!

Available at this City


July 20

10AM - 7PM

MacGregor Downs Country Club

430 St Andrews Ln,
Cary, NC 27511


September 21

10AM - 7PM


- TBD -


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