We are all sinners…
What’s the cure?

If sinning is an illness, then what is its serum?

When we have a physical illness, we are overwhelmed with fear and worry. We seek out treatment to bring us back to health. The spiritual illness that is caused by our sins is even more devastating.

The Venom & The Serum

Your Guide to Virtue from Vice

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Based On The Classical Work by Ibn Al Qayyim - “Al-Daa wal Dawaa”

When it comes to matters of the heart and spirituality, Ibn Al-Qayyim was a master. This book was written as a response to a question posed to Ibn Al-Qayyim that stated:

“What do the esteemed scholars and Imâms of the religion – may Allah be pleased with them – say about a man who was tried with an affliction, and knows that if it continues, it will ruin his worldly life and Hereafter? He has tried to repel it from himself by every means, yet it increases in nothing but intensity and strength. So what is the path to removing it? And what are the means to escaping it?”

If this question sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve all been there. We all know what it’s like to have a sin that is difficult to let go of. This course will give show you how to suffocate your sins and finally be free of them, in sha Allah.

Concepts You Will Learn In This Course...

  • An introduction to Al-Daa wal-Dawaa
  • Cures for spiritual and physical diseases
  • The importance of Du’a as a cure
  • The dangers of belittling sins
  • Balancing between hope and fear
  • Effects of sin on the body, mind and soul
  • Types of sins, minor and major and specific
  • Types of Shirk
  • How to prevent and purify sins
  • The love of Allah and seeking His forgiveness

“Goodness is performed by the good and the wicked,
but none refrain from sin except for the truthful.”

Sahl Al-Tusturi

Many people journey to Allah by practicing good deeds while being unable to cease the sins that they commit. It’s the equivalent of a person who starts to exercise but does nothing to clean up their nutrition- in some areas, they might be stronger, but they don’t feel any healthier. In both cases, you have to get rid of the junk that is poisoning your health! This course is designed to show you how.

Shaykh Ammar Alshukry

Dual Bachelors in Islamic Studies and Marketing. Author of the Poetry Collection: “What the Pen Wrote.” Imam and Resident Scholar of River Oaks Islamic Center in Houston, Texas.

This course was mashallaah a beautiful and action filled course that puts many things you have learned into synchronization and implementation. The knowledge of Imam Ibn ul-Qayyim from his masterpiece The Venom and The Serum in an approach that everyone living in the West can relate to. May Allah SWT give great rewards to all those that put this course together and especially to our Shaykh Ammar who eloquently delivered this course so it would refine our daily lives.

Mohd KachlanRochester

Loved the instructor and topic!

Shadab SyedUnknown

Life changing course.

Omar AkuUnited States

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