Indeed, you are to die,
and indeed, they are to die.

Surat Al-Zumar v. 30



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“I have never seen anything that is certain, with absolutely no doubt about it, that is taken as doubtful as if there is no certainty about it more than death.”

AlHassan Al-Basri

We plan for weddings
but we don’t plan for funerals.

Even though death is the only thing that every human being will experience.

And though losing a loved one is never easy, knowledge empowers you to be able to make the best decisions for your loved one as they transition.

  • Legal stances on modern issues, like organ donation, induced comas, palliative care, life support, abortion..
  • The technical definitions of “life” and “death” and the stages of death.
  • The etiquettes of visiting the sick, and the sunnah vs innovation in that regard, what to do to ease your loved ones transition.
  • Grieving and the rulings regarding mourning time and how to increase the reward of the one who has passed
  • The sunnahs to follow post-death, how to console, react and behave around those who have lost someone.
  • The step by step process of how to wash and shroud the male or female deceased
  • The legal rulings revolving around the Janazah prayer and how it is to be performed.
  • The etiquette of following the Janazah and accompanying it to the burial. Issues regarding the burial related to time and place. When it should happen, where and what to be avoided.
  • The etiquette of visiting the graveyard and related rulings; frequency, permissibility of traveling to a grave, and women’s issues
  • An overview of the inheritance system, how to calculate it in your time of need

Senior Instructor. Studied Arabic, Islamic Law and Quran with scholars in East and West. Launched, advanced weekly Fiqh classes. Original founder of Prophetic Guidance; taught popular commentary of al-Adab al-Mufrad. Vice-Chair of Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Panel, UK’s premier fatwa body for legal and financial concerns.

It was an amazing experience having Abu eesa teach this class, because of his background he can relate to alot of Bidah that happens, and he was able to teach us in light of quran and sunnah. What i also like about the sheikh is that he not only brings one scholars opinion or one school of thought but he brings the opinion of all of 4 imams with their ruling and proof. AMAZING SHEIKH mashallah, May allah bless him and his family.

Farid MangalEdmonton

I have been a student with AlMaghrib for more than 3 years now and this by far is the most loaded seminar. That does not mean that I suggest that any of the material is decreased or taken away. But it was full of information, different scenarios and points of view from Islamic schoools of thought that I honestly do not know how I am going to study it. JAK sheikh Abu Eesa for this magnificent seminar!

Rasha AbdelnabiEdmonton

Subhan Allah! This course was such an iman rush to the extend that even at the INHERITANCE part I felt like I was overwhelmed by Allah's Wisdom and felt so thankful that I had the opportunity to understand this important aspect. Sheik AE is a master of this topic. Hafidhahulla.

Gezim HoxhaCalgary

I love him for the sake that he provided information which made me want to come closer to Allah (SwT). He made me want to be in the class, to learn. He made the demeaor of the class pleasant with his personal (i.e. health professional, and inheritance) knowledge. If this class was taught again in this city with the same instructor I would definitely take it

Fatoumata KamaraEdmonton

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