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These courses are taught live in specific time zones, never pre-recorded, easier to consume because of a shorter format and more engaging.

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What Is A
Virtual Seminar?

A virtual seminar is live, online, with nothing pre-recorded. We know you’re going to love the experience.

Technology allows for so much that we haven’t been able to do before; shorter class timings over more days, break out rooms, illustrations, demonstrations..and a lot more.

Though taking a seminar at home is super comfortable, sometimes home can be distracting too…so you get access to the recordings of the seminar for two weeks to catch up on anything missed.

Current Seminars

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God, Atheism, and the Pursuit of Truth

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Light Of Guidance

Doctrines of
Faith I

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Last Breath

Death &

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The Venom & The Serum

Study Of

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Code Of Scholars

Usul Al-Fiqh

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I Am Her

Lessons From Women Of Quran

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Quranic Vibes

Lessons Against Negativity

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