Sh. Mohammed

Specialist in Quranic Sciences. One of the youngest AlMaghrib Instructors. First American graduate of Faculty of Quranic Sciences, University of Madinah. Memorized Quran in late teens while majoring in Business Economics. Active role in Islamic Institute of Orange County as Tarawih Imam, Khatib and teacher.

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Shaykh Mohammed Mana is the first American to graduate with a Bachelor’s from the Faculty of Quranic Sciences, Madinah University. Born in Hollywood and raised in Long Beach, he embodies a unique balance of traditional and contemporary upbringing.

As a young Muslim raised in America, Shaykh Mohamed is in a unique position to understand today’s Western youth, their struggles and pressures. He received his schooling and early Islamic education at home under the guidance of his parents, mainly his mother. He completed the memorization of the Quran in his late teens while majoring in Business Economics at California State University Long Beach. He also served on the MSA board, volunteering for local and national organizations.

When asked about the highlight of his time in Madinah, Shaykh Mohamed answered, “being in the presence of various scholars and teachers, benefitting tremendously from their knowledge and mentorship, adding diversity and depth to my experience.”

Shaykh Mohamed is also an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying his life in California in the company of family and friends. He’s been active in the local Islamic Institute of Orange County for many years leading Tarawih, delivering sermons and lectures, and teaching various classes. His primary goal is to connect Muslims with the Quran and revive its relevance in our lives today.