How Will You Arrive At Your Final Destination

If You Want Eternal Success, Then Make Your Decisions With Destiny In Mind!

Final Destination

Paving Your Path To Paradise

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What Do You Really Know About Heaven and Hell?

Maybe you heard about the lush gardens, impossible palaces, rivers of milk and honey, and everything you’ve ever wished for.

Or maybe you heard about the other side of things, the raging, soul-crushing inferno, a horror beyond your darkest nightmares…

…and for a brief moment you were moved, either inspired or struck with fear.

But what happened when those reminders ended?

Did those descriptions really impact and lead you to consider your life choices?

You can sit through every lecture or read every book describing Jannah and Jahannam, but none of them will benefit you if they don’t cause you to ponder over your life.

House In Heaven

There’s a house in heaven with your name on it…

… but there’s also one in hell, and that goes for everybody. 

Our time in this world is spent doing one thing and one thing only:

Cutting the keys for our home in the next world.

How do you know if you’re cutting the right key, for the right door, to the right home?

By making sure you’re making the right decisions in life.

That’s why we’re bringing you a seminar dedicated to shifting your perspective towards your afterlife: your Final Destination.

Pave Your Path To Success

Every journey needs a plan.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just heading to the grocery store, or climbing Mount Everest.

Every journey you undertake involves planning and decision-making.

Your voyage into the afterlife is no different.

That’s what Final Destination is here to help you achieve.

It’s your opportunity to map out that voyage, and reshape your life so that every decision you take is a footstep in the right direction.

This one-of-a-kind experience takes you through:

  • A detailed look at Jannah 
  • A detailed look at Jahannam
  • Principles in the psychology of decision making
  • How your choices are influencing your destination
  • How to plan your ambitions [career, studies, family planning etc.] around your akhira
  • Social, personal and spiritual influences that affect your journey to the hereafter
  • Two practical case studies that show the importance of those choices
  • How to effectively set your strategy for eternal success

All in a brand new and unique format unlike any Islamic seminar you’ve taken.

Introducing AlMaghrib Fusion…
an on-site AND online experience

It’s the next best thing in enhanced learning.

Everything you love about AlMaghrib onsite seminars; the Qabeelahs, the “big event” excitement, meeting fellow students & the instructors, the friendships…

And everything you love about AlMaghrib online courses; the fantastic production, the flexibility of consuming material on your own time and schedule…

Fused together into one incredible experience that you’ll absolutely love in sha Allah.

Shaykh Suleiman Hani

Shaykh Suleiman is a Michigan native and the Director of Academic Affairs here at AlMaghrib.

He’s an Academic, an Imam and a scholar who has immersed himself in the Islamic sciences since the age of 14, and has earned dozens of certifications over the decades.

He eventually brought those years of intense engagement with the tradition back to the West. He went on to graduate from Harvard, where studied religions, philosophy, political science, and psychology.

Shaykh Suleiman settles for no less than excellence in every course he teaches. For this one alone he took a year-long deep dive into the study of the afterlife and the psychology of decision-making.