How Would You Like to Know the Prophet ﷺ
Like You Know Your Best Friend?

The Prophet's Smile


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How real is the
Prophet ﷺ to you?

“None of you becomes a believer
until I am dearer to him than his children,
his parents and all mankind.”

– The Prophet ﷺ [Bukhari]

That seems like a tall order.
How can you love someone so intensely,
if you don’t know them?

You hear the amazing stories, and
perhaps you long to meet him one day…

…but how real is he ﷺ in your life right now?
Do you know about his likes and dislikes?

The food he liked to eat,
the clothes he loved to wear,
or how he styled his hair?

You know those things about your best friend,
so how would you like to really
get to know your Prophet ﷺ?

About Shaykh
Yaser Birjas?

Head of Islamic Law and Theory Department. Pastoral Marriage and Family Counsellor. Imam of Valley Ranch Islamic Center. Graduated as Valedictorian with highest honors from Madinah University. Specialist in Usul, Fiqh, Financial Literacy, and Relationships.

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