Faith Essentials

What if a person doesn’t have the time (or energy) to spend 17 hours delving into the intricacies of a subject in the Islamic sciences?

What if they want to cover that entire topic in a single hour instead, taking only the things they need to know, on any given subject?

Faith Essentials is here for that. Sweep through the “must know” of Islam- theology, spirituality, worship, daily life, in short modules that you can consume in a single day’s commute. The most complete online learning hub for the everyday Muslim, taught by respected scholars in bite sized lessons, in interactive video.

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How beautiful would your salah be if you knew exactly what it took to be mindful every time?

What would your relationships look like if they were always illuminated by the sunnah?

What barakah would be in your finances if your transactions were guided by what Allah instructs?

How calm would your life be if you had trained yourself to always look at the bigger picture, the dunya AND akhira?

If you want to make the biggest difference in your life, it all starts with knowledge.

AlMaghrib’s All Access Pass is our premier solution giving you the keys To All AlMaghrib Courses, Seminars & Events In 2022

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