Purification Of Soul

Taught By Ust. Yasmin Mogahed (8h 32m)

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Yasmin Mogahed begins this course with an introduction to the meaning of tazkiyyah, purification of the self. She goes into the meaning of Surat Al-Shams to emphasize the importance of tazkiyyah, and why spirituality is an essential part of our religion.

Lesson 1 - Tazkiyah

Yasmin Mogahed begins this course with an introduction to the meaning of tazkiyyah, purification of the self. She goes into the meaning of Surat Al-Shams to emphasize the importance of tazkiyyah, and why spirituality is an essential part of our religion.

Lesson 2 - Sincerity

Oftentimes, a believer might be trying their best to become closer to Allah SWT, but then start to get afraid. Doubts creep in: Am I being sincere, am I only doing it to show off? As we struggle to become stronger in our faith, how do we deal with those thoughts? How can we be completely sincere? Yasmin Mogahed answers in this lesson.

Lesson 3 - The Sound Heart

Allah SWT tells us that the only person who will be successful is the one who returns back to Allah with a heart that is sound. The heart is something you need to protect and take care of, because it can change very quickly. How do we protect and nourish our hearts? What does it mean to have a sound heart? Yasmin Mogahed explains the three types of hearts, and which one we are supposed to have.

Lesson 4 - The Sick And Dead Heart

In the last video, Sr. Yasmin spoke about the different types of hearts. This lesson covers the ‘sick’ heart. The sick heart has some life left in it, but still has unhealthy attachments and spiritual diseases. What turns a healthy heart into a sick one? How does a sick heart become a dead heart? Sr. Yasmin Mogahed answers and explains.

Lesson 5 - Causes Of Heart Sickness

One of the causes of a sick heart comes from committing a sin and not repenting for it. What are other actions or inactions that causes a heart to become sick or dead? Sometimes it’s not just the big sins that take a person away from Allah SWT. What are the other causes of heart sickness, and what are the cures? Learn more in this video.

Lesson 6 - Poisons Of The Heart Part 1

We’ve been talking about different types of hearts. But what are some of the things that poison the heart? There are four major poisons of the heart. What are those four things? This lesson speaks about some of those poisons, starting with the act of not restraining the tongue.

Lesson 7 - Poisons Of The Heart Part 2

This lesson continues on the topic of poisons of the heart, going further into the poisons of the heart, including not lowering one’s gaze and overfilling our stomachs. How does Shaytan turn these acts into sins in our hearts? Sr. Yasmin Mogahed further explains the poisons of the heart and how they lead to sin and haram.

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