The Quran
WITHOUT needing
ANY Arabic

Allah commanded us to contemplate and reflect over the Quran even though He knew that the majority of the Muslim world would not be Arabic speaking. So there MUST be a way to contemplate the Quran without knowing Arabic. And in these last ten nights of Ramadan, let us show you how.


Taught by Dr. Waleed Basyouni

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Everyone of us can have our own personal experience with the Quran

Contemplating Quran (tadabbur) is commanded of us by Allah. It is a skill that can be taught and learned, even for those without the Arabic language.  It’s about  mindset. It’s about knowing what question to ask yourself as you are reading through text. It’s about knowing what to look for to connect dots and draw parallels.  This course presents 12 tested principles on how anyone can contemplate the Quran. 

This is not a course about you hearing the gems and reflections of others, it’s about you creating the gems yourself.

  • How do I change my reading from the Quran from being passive to active?
  • What is the difference between Tafsir which only those qualified can do and Tadabbur (contemplation) which all of us are commanded to do? 
  • What are the questions that I should be asking myself with every verse that I come across? 
  • How do I go beyond benefitting from other people’s reflections on the Quran and develop my own reflections?
  • What are the tools that I need to be able to immediately interact with the Quran in a new way?
  • How can I get depth of meaning from the Quran without using ANY Arabic?

Dr. Waleed Basyouni

Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute. Senior Scholar. Head of Islamic Theology and Ethics Department. Master’s in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects. PhD in Theology. Imam of Clear Lake Islamic Center. Director of Texas Da‘wah Convention. Gives fatwah as member of American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA). Answers fiqh questions on Twitter.