Before You Check The Label -
Here’s What You Need To Know

Explore everything related to halal and haram of what you consume;

From food and drink, to substances for mental health, recreation, and more!

Join Shaykh Omar Hedroug for this unique and comprehensive look at the fiqh and ethics of eating and drinking in one full weekend experience.

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No More Doubts And Confusion…

Have you ever had that experience where you were told something you just LOVE isn’t halal…

But then one, two, several years later, you hear the exact opposite?

Look, what you put in your body matters.

Not only for your physical wellbeing, but for your soul, and every aspect of your life.

When we know the Prophet ﷺ told his companions that if they want their duas accepted, they should make sure all their provisions are halal and pure,

But when you’re hearing all these mixed views on what is and isn’t halal… it can get confusing.

So where do you begin?

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Are Halal & Haram Getting Too Complicated?

It used to just be questions about meat, alcohol, and gelatine,

But times are changing, and we’re constantly faced with new and emerging issues:

Can I take CBD Oil for my anxiety?

What’s the ruling on vaping?

How about Lab-grown meats?

And just knowing the rules isn’t enough,

But understanding the principles, the wisdoms, the why behind the rulings,

So you can navigate these issues with excellence.

That’s what this class is all about,

Dispelling doubt, and helping you deal with everything related to eating & drinking in a way that nourishes your body and soul.

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This In-depth Seminar
Takes You Through…

By the end of this seminar not only will you have a greater understanding of the legal side of eating & drinking, but you will, in sha Allah, become a more God-conscious consumer.

  • Permissible and impermissible animals
  • Rules of slaughter in Islam
  • Issues related to drinks
  • Dealing with new substances for medical reasons
  • How eating and drinking affects your spirituality

Your Instructor

Born in Michigan, (but if you ask him he’s a die-hard Chicagoan) Shaykh Omar’s journey in knowledge began in his high school years with local scholars, before he eventually accepted a scholarship at the University of Madinah, where he continued his studies at the feet of renowned scholars, and graduated with the highest honors from the College of Shariah. Shaykh Omar is no stranger to the AlMaghrib family, having taught Islamic legal theory in Faith Essentials, and serving as one of our mentors in the Tarbiyah program.

As a youth director at the Islamic Center of Naperville, Shaykh Omar combines his background in Islamic Law with an understanding of contemporary issues in the community, especially among the youth, and he’s bringing together both experiences in his first ever full-weekend seminar.