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Dear Muslim,
What’s Stopping You?

To you who’s always dreamt of being a stronger, better Muslim,

With your worship, with the Quran, with your family life, your finances, your community…

What’s stopping you from being that person right now?

Look, 2024 is almost here – and you have a choice,

To be stuck at the same level, or become the Muslim you always wanted to be,

If it’s the second, keep reading…

The Key To Making Massive
Change In Your Life This Year

It’s seeking knowledge…

Imam Ahmad said “There is nothing that is equal to knowledge if the intention is correct”.

And the beautiful thing is that in Islam, knowledge is for everybody

Including you

But not everyone takes that step to go beyond podcasts and clickbait reminders,

And actually stick with learning Islam properly,

We get it, there are lots of distractions, time is at a premium,

And those Islamic youtube videos might give you a spiritual high, but not the strong foundational knowledge you need.

So we want to help- by giving you the key that opens up knowledge to you everywhere in life:

AlMaghrib All Access- your key to complete Islamic learning in 2024

Here’s how it works…

Get All Access Now

"The All Access Pass has been a source of so much khair it's not possible to quantify."

- Farhat

Access All Our Courses
with One Pass

Every Islamic course & seminar we’re launching online and in-person in 2024, available in the palm of your hand.

All Access is your universal pass allowing you to immerse yourself in all our programs for the next 12 months.

On-demand Courses | Faith Essentials | Virtual Seminars | In-person Events

Cover all the essentials of prayer, zakat, seerah, family life & relationships, and more in 2024

At your own pace, in your own time, in your own way.

And to help you along the way, you have an exclusive V.I.P group of fellow students and instructors to answer your questions and support you in your learning journey.

Get Access Now


“The All-Access Pass has been a great way for me to benefit from all AlMaghrib has to offer! Before, I was paying for the classes one at a time, and honestly, I got confused sometimes about what was coming, what had passed, or I would run out of time on the recordings for a certain class. With the All Access Pass, I am kept up to date about all of the classes in one place. Plus, I get access to the recordings for an extended period of time which helps when things get busy! I also think it is an incredible value compared to paying for each class one by one! I really do feel like I made a wise investment in not only my Islamic Education but my Akihira as well! “


I’m a mum of 3 young children and the online and virtual courses are ideal for me to learn from the comfort of my own home. The courses are amazing and are taught by amazing instructors, may Allah swt preserve them all and reward them for all they do. The variety of course subjects covered is vast and I have learned so much this year. The group chat and q&a sessions are beneficial to get questions answered, I am so blessed to have this level of access to top scholars of our deen.

I will be definitely renewing my AAP pass this year in sha Allah to keep going on this amazing learning journey.”


“AlMaghrib Institute created an amazing studying experience that is dynamic and interactive (with teachers and other students). Having the All Access Pass allowed me to access all AlMaghrib’s content and was very rich in learning (short, easy to understand, well documented, materials provided, video with high quality …).

I can follow these classes when and where I want. I definitely recommend it to everyone.”

“I have always relied on YouTube videos to gain Islamic knowledge because there isn’t much available for youth and elders where I grew up.

Now I am in New Jersey and there is a lot here, but nothing concrete that you can work towards an Islamic degree. So thankful for AlMaghrib, instructors, administrators, helpers and students willing to help each other out.

All of you are in my duaas! Alhamdulillah for AlMaghrib!”

Rowida, New Jersey

"Honestly, it is the best money ever spent. In these past couple of months I have learned so many practical things. Ways to improve myself, ways to improve my connection with Allah, ways to become a better Muslim. The material, the instructors, the access to so much knowledge is such a blessing. You will NEVER regret signing up for the pass! Get it and InshaAllah experience a better you."

Maiza, Toronto

I discovered Al Maghrib in 2020 when someone shared a video from the Ramadan 360 programme. I was completely blown away and have been an avid follower since so when the AAP came up it was a 1000% yes and I haven’t regretted it. Access to an amazing panel of scholars teaching authentic Islam is priceless. The short videos make it easy to make progress and I always feel bereft at the end of any series. The quality of online seminars is top notch and AAP gives you life time access to the videos. I can’t wait to attend an in person seminar. Jazakhum Ilahi Khaeran for all you do and May almighty Allah take Al Magrib far beyond all our expectations…..Aamiin "


All This in The
Palm of Your Hand!

Online, On-demand Courses


Lessons and live Q&A sessions with AlMaghrib’s instructors, all available with lifetime access, so you can brush up on every subject again, and again, and again. With over 300 hours of studio quality courses produced and plenty more to come, in sha Allah, AlMaghrib Online gives you knowledge that you can carry over a lifetime.

Faith Essentials


33+ video courses with bitesized lessons covering all the basics of Islam. This is your complete library for everything a Muslim needs to know! With added live Q&A sessions featuring your favorite instructors and more. Nothing complicated, just the essentials.

In-person Classes


With 40 chapters in cities around the world, AlMaghrib has been bringing in-depth courses and events to communities everywhere, taught by our experienced team of instructors. Our in-person classes are for the student seeking that wholesome community feeling. Day-long and weekend seminars, inspiring evening events (ilmnights), conferences, and more. With the largest student community in the english-speaking world, you can always count on finding an AlMaghrib class near you, and if you can’t all access allows you to tune into our classes remotely too!

Live Virtual Seminars


AlMaghrib Virtual Seminars are live online sessions giving you the classroom feeling right at home! You can study and interact with your favorite instructors from anywhere in the world at the time zone that works for you.

"AAP (All Access Pass) has brought volumes of knowledge into the palm of my hand. I signed up for AAP to learn more about my religion and AAP has given me access to knowledge on a huge variety of topics within Islam while teaching me how to implement this knowledge in my everyday life. Anyone who wants to learn Islamic knowledge without feeling overwhelmed should start this adventure!"

- Ambreen


2024 is looking bigger and even better with the additional of some of the most in-demand courses being added to the line-up.

Such as Grief, how to deal with pain and recover from an endless cycle of loss with Sr. Sarah Sultan, and Last Breath, the Fiqh of Death which covers every aspect from illness, inheritance, death, burial, and afterlife in a comprehensive course.

And many more coming your way!

Get the All Access Pass.

Get Access Now


With onsite courses back in full force across the globe, new classes, with our biggest instructors are coming to your city, and if you are someone who lives far away, we have you covered with some of the most in-demand Virtual Courses.

In 2024, join Sh Waleed Basyouni for Summoned, Sh Mohammed Alshinawy for Proofs of Prophethood, Sh Ammar Alshukry for Touched By An Angel…

And many more coming your way!

Get the All Access Pass.

Get Access Now

Get Access To Our Entire Lineup Till
December 31, 2024


Lifetime Access To AlMaghrib Online On-Demand Courses

Access To All Virtual Seminars Until Dec 31st 2024

Access To All Onsite Events (IlmNights, IlmFests, and Seminars)

One-Year Access To Faith Essentials

Get The Pass

On top of that you’ll get…

Interactive Sessions
with our Instructors

Advanced Access to unreleased courses

Our exclusive student community

Dedicated student experience team

“Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah it’s true, you can really feel the love and support in this [All Access Student] group, mashaAllah.”

- Madina

Immediate Access To Courses
With Some Of Your Favorite Instructors

Sh. Omar Suleiman

Known for his deeply spiritual and inclusive approach to Islamic life.

Sh. Ammar Alshukry

Director of Faith Essentials, he’s dedicated to making Islam practical and accessible.

Sh. Abu Eesa

Known for his contemporary teachings on Salah, money matters, and family life.

Dr. Waleed Basyouni

Known for making Islam practical and deeply personal for the everyday Muslim.

Sh. Saad Tasleem

Known for his contemporary perspective on Muslim identity in the West.

Ust. Taimiyyah Zubair

Known for her deep understanding of Quranic language & its impact on daily life.

Ust. Yasmin Mogahed

Known for her spiritual approach to Islam, hope, and healing.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Known for his breakthrough teachings on God, Seerah, atheism, and evolution.

Imam Wisam Sharieff

Known for his breakthrough teachings on Quranic recitation & understanding.

Register Now

Value Of $3000 USD 

Experience The AlMaghrib World Like Never Before!

On top of all this, as part of your pass you’ll get to be part of AlMaghrib’s All Access Student Community.

You will get to take part in our exclusive telegram group, engaging with like-minded Muslims and building friendships that, In sha Allah, will last a lifetime.

Being part of the AlMaghrib All Access community will also mean you get advanced access to upcoming courses through private live sessions with our instructors. As well as exclusive AlMaghrib branded merchandise.

Register Now

One of the best things to come out of lockdown was finding Al-Maghrib through Ramadan 360. During the blessed month I was able to get the community feeling I had missed so much throughout Covid.

I have been an All Access Pass member for a year now and it was Sister Hafsah who talked about the AAP pass with so much passion that led me to take the plunge even though I had never heard of Al-Maghrib before. It was a great decision and I’ve found it to be of excellent value and have never looked back.


Alhumdulillah for this opportunity! I was wondering when y’all would offer something [a pass] like this to us.

allahu Akbar! Allah fulfills all of our needs and answers all of Duas. Alhumdulillah Ya Rab!

May Allah (swt) bless y’all with all His Rahmah and Barakah in y’all’s Deen, Duniya, and Akhira


– lubi Lafdewali

Frequently Asked

How does the pass work?

The pass will be added to your Student Account. When you want to enroll in any Onsite seminar, Virtual seminar or Online course, your pass will appear on the checkout page. Proceed to complete the required fields in the registration page and click on ‘Complete Registration’

Once registered for the course, you will receive a confirmation email and the course will be added to the correct student portal (Onsite/Virtual or Online).

When can I start using the pass?

As soon as you sign up!

How long is the validity period of this pass?

The pass is valid till Dec 31, 2024

What does the All Access Pass include?

  • AlMaghrib Online On-Demand Courses launched till Dec 31, 2024
  • All AlMaghrib Virtual Seminars launched till Dec 31, 2024
  • Faith Essentials – for 1 year
  • All AlMaghrib on-site events [Ilmnights, Single Day and Weekend Seminars]  for 1 year launched till Dec 31, 2024

What if I already have Lifetime Access to Faith Essentials?

If you have Faith Essentials access, let us know by emailing us at and we can provide you with alternative options

How many Virtual courses can I sign up to?

Your All access pass is active from the day you sign up till Dec 31, 2024. In that time frame, you can register for as many virtual seminars as you like! You will have access to over 20 sessions (due to various local times) of a number of unique Virtual seminars.

How many Online courses can I sign up for?

Throughout the year from the day you sign up until 31st Dec, 2024, we will be offering over 10 online classes that you can sign up to!

Can I transfer my pass to another person?

You can send a request to transfer your pass to another person within 30 days from the day you purchase it.

After I purchase All Access Pass, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, it is non-refundable.

How long is the All Access Pass availability being offered?

You can purchase your All Access Pass until the 10th Jan, 2024

Is there financial aid to purchase All Access Pass?

Unfortunately, there is no financial aid for All Access Pass. If you wish to enroll in any virtual or online class, there will be individual financial aid available for each.